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DONGWOO Electric Corp. challenges the top of the world with constant efforts and innovation of making its dream come true.

A dream is the dreamer's thing, and this is the person's thing to prepare for the future.
Dongwoo Electric Corp. has a dream.
It's that Dongwoo Electric Corp. takes a leap confidently forward one of the top global companies.
Dongwoo Electric Corp. is moving forward step by step to make this dream come true. Dongwoo Electric Corp. has pushed ahead with continuous innovation in spite of many difficulties for a while.
All the staff united to make all efforts so as to become a new company with the highest quality and exceptional development ability in product, and for this reason, have created remarkable achievements.
Dongwoo Electric Corp. to have grown as the biggest transformer and insulator manufacturer in Korea, since established in 1989, takes an aspect of technological leading company with various patents & certification as entering into the workmanship only to have produced the world's best products, and also, makes every endeavor to supply the highest products on customer demand through continuous new product development & management innovation for customer benefit in a spirit of customer & quality focus.
Dongwoo Electric Corp., through strengthening constant R&D ability and pushing ahead with innovation based on "The Spirit of Change & Challenge" now and forever, will make a promise to develop as just the company to grow together with the customers all the time in order to be one of the world-class companies.

Dongwoo Electric Corp., dreaming of taking a leap for the specialized manufacturer on the biggest transformer & insulators with eco-friendly electric power equipments, would become a new company to produce eco-friendly products as an excellent company to fit the era of globalization through securing new source technology/ differentiated quality competitiveness/innovative cost competitiveness and reinforcing overseas marketing etc.
Thank you!

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