The course of the challenge and pioneering together with customers

Things to enrich the world with advanced technology & fine product


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The course of the challenge & pioneering together with customer.
Things to enrich the world with advanced technology & fine product
Now, thinking of bigger dreams than that.

The challenge for a Global Company
2016 Built & Relocated new Head office & Factory (Anjung, Pyeongtaek-Si, Gyeonggi-Do)
2015 Equipped with mold facility set for new factory
2014 Selected as "SHINBO STAR Company"
2014 Selected as "The best company to work for"
2014 Commencement of Railway equipment supply
2013 Developed PD preventive sensor
2013 Developed a switch for processing(Solid type)
2012 Developed Eco-switch
2012 Established EMD division & developed a partial Discharge tester
2011 Established Electric power division & Development of the switch for underground/Processing(Epoxy mold insulation)
2011 Selected as Management-Innovative Small Firms (Main-Biz)
2004 to 2010
Securing an infrastructure for the leap to the summit
2010 Selected as "Promising Export Company", Gyeonggi-Do
2010 Awarded a Technology-Innovation Prize (Eco-Friendly outdoor epoxy technology)
2010 Corporate name was changed to DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp.
2010 Established Gyeongju factory(Hi-voltage insulator) Oedong, Gyeongju-Si
2009 Acquired KS & ISO9001:2009/ISO9001:2008 (Industry Cooperative)
2008 Acquired certification of Environment Management System, KSA14001:2004
2008 Acquired V check mark authorized by KAS
2008 Chosen a "Technology & Innovation company (INNO-BIZ)
2007 Awarded commendation of the Prime Minister & The Minister of Commerce Industry & Energy
2007 Selected as a venture enterprise on Technology Evaluation Assurance
2006 Acquired ISO14001
2006 Acquired NEP (new product) certification(internal CT socket, MOCIE)
2006 Inaugurated as the post of CEO Mr. Kim Pyung-Jung
2005 Selected as a Clean Management Company (KTCGF)
2004 Acquired ISO9001:2000/KSA9001:2001
2004 Acquired KEPIC-EN for atomic power certification
2004 Awarded Jang, Byeong-Chan's Technology Prize
2004 Head office & Factory extension & relocation (Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-Do)
1996 to 2002,
Concentrated every endeavor on quality improvement and R&D
2002 Selected as "Promising Venture company, KEPCO
2002 Established R&D center
2002 Acquired the forming procedure-patent of trans-former & convertor to be excellent electrical insulation
2001 Acquired CE mark (current transformer)
2000 Acquired UL mark (Voltage transformer)
1999 Selected as "New Technology Developing Venture company(SMBA)
1998 Selected as "Promising Export company", Gyeonggi-Do
1997 Acquired Certification of ISO9002/KSA9002
1997 Completed extension of auto-epoxy molding Equipments
1996 Head office & Factory relocation (Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-Do)
1996 Acquired EM mark of CT & PT(current NEP Certification)
1996~2002 1996 to 2002, Concentrated every endeavor on quality improvement and R&D
1989 to 1995,
The first ambitious step as a Maker of Transformer & Insulator
1995 Acquired KS mark
1994 Nominated for Military Service Exception company
1994 Designated as '94 promising company with advanced technology from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry
1993 Selected an excellent maker for CT & PT, KOEMA
1993 Developed 10kinds of CT&PT with high reliability IEC Standards
1993 Selected as a company exempted from Public Certification Test, KOEMA
1993 Established DONGWOO INDUSTRY Corp.
1992 Acquired the patent for CT with a built-in corona preventing device
1991 Approved as a manufacturer of Instrument Transformer (CT/PT/MOF)
1989 Established a firm