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The leader of Eco-friendly technology, The enterprise of creating the future,
Dreaming of taking a leap for the top manufacturer of Transformer, Insulator & Power Equipment in the world.

DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. established in the beginning of Epoxy Insulation Technology in 1989, in the wasteland of domestic market technically, has led growth of both in quality & in quantity over the entire technology of domestic epoxy mold as developing and supplying Distribution Class & even Hi-voltage Insulation products through ceaseless research and development in the epoxy insulation field for localization of epoxy mold insulation transformer.

Recently, as Electric Industry is moving rapidly forward to "be Smart"& to "be Eco-friendly" etc. according to Government Energy Policy like "Low Carbon, Green Growth", DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp., through striving More to build up development of new eco-friendly Technology & new products based on its accumulated Technology in the meantime, has been pursuing innoVation to satisfy customers needs in a unity of all staff.

DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. has been mass-producing Eco-friendly Solid Insulators through mutual co-operative development with the world's leading companies, and also, supplying it to the nation's Largest conglomerates by developing Epoxy Spacer & Insulator from 72.5kV class to 800kV class even in a high voltage field. In addition, DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. has been managing a customer-centered production system converted to be able to meet customers' requirements with improvement of quality And productivity by introducing full-auto pressure equipments in Pyeongtaek factory with building additional high voltage insulator manufacturing plants Equipped with the newest mold & test facilities in Gyeongju factory.

Futhermore, as having registered and supplied them to KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corp.) by developing Eco-friendly electric power devices, DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. is going forward towards a global leading company from the framework of the local business, in dreaming of taking a leap for a manufacturer specialized in the production of the world's best transformer, insulator with eco-friendly Electric power device through strengthening overseas Marketing by securing new source technology, differentiated quality & innovative cost competitiveness.

All the product of DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. is designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with domestic & international standards, and widely Applied in Steel/Chemistry/Plant, Shipbuilding, Hydraulic & Thermal power plant, Nuclear power plant, Railroad, Subway, etc.
We, DONGWOO ELECTRIC Corp. hope you to watch over our future and to give us your deep interest and active support.

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